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Importance of self-care rituals

Our bodies and minds need to pause. Even science says so. So we are here with some self-care tips. Along with some bath and me-time options from Coral and Sky. 

Have you ever felt so flustered after a day that you just want to hide in a corner of your room and do nothing? Talk to no one, not hear another person’s voice or communicate in any way? Well there could be several reasons for your brain wanting to shut completely. But it could most possibly be that you overworked yourself. Not just your body, but also your mind. 

When we start taking ourselves for granted and consider no difference between humans and machines, be it our own self - we kind of do wrong to ourselves. Some might like to always be big achievers, nothing wrong with that - but all work and no relaxation time does make us dull. So dull and deprived that we have to shut off for days to regain the energy to face the world. 

Yes, we live in a fast paced world, & yes, our lifestyles demand a lot of work. Corporate jobs, businesses, start-up environment - everyday for 8-10 hours is no joke. Top it up with your personal life demands - from partying and catching up with friends or going back to home and helping your kid with homework - all are equally demanding works and do not give space to us. It just means we move from one work to another - we feel the work is over but if we are going on a date or going back to a cranky kid - the situation is equally stressful for us.

How do we ensure we don’t lose it then? Well, we will have to carve out time for ourselves within the day to pause, and focus on ourselves. That is key to keeping our sanity intact. Of letting go of the things we did not like, of savouring the moments we liked. We believe small rituals daily can make a huge difference in our general mood and well-being. Just a little gadget-free me time is all it takes, doing your favourite thing everyday or taking up a hobby can do wonders. 

Do not underestimate the power of a hot bath with some aromatherapy, your favourite luxurious soaps and throw in some candles, add some music and you have a party for one.

We recommend our Lavender Haze soap or the Full Moon Night for a rinse that cleanses body and mind. Add in some shower steamers of your choice and make your bath-time truly therapeutic. 

Too tired to draw a bath? Well just wash your feet, pat dry, and massage them, slowly shifting focus on yourself, your body, reflecting ,contemplating, while the calming oils and butters  lets you relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep. We do recommend our Feet up Buttercup for a nightly massage if your feet are rough and need heavy duty moisture. And our Nourish body balm if you like to massage your feet with less greasy alternatives. 

Do find time to nurture yourself - remember only we can take care of ourselves. Spend some time on self-care rituals daily and see how the world gets a little rosier by the day. 

Have you tried any self-care rituals? Do share them here. We would love to share more tips with the community. 


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