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Great all time gift ideas to show you care

Struggling to find some thoughtful, indulgent gifts? Here we have curated some gifts based on people's lifestyle and taste. We are sure people will be wowed with these decadent gifts...

We do find ourselves struggling to find that perfect gift - a gift that is unique, special and conveys our feelings. A gift that says, " I care." Something that makes the receiver light up, brimming with joy. It's not always easy to find the right things. Some say, gift what people want and not need! 
So we thought why not help you out - and at least save some time and energy in hunting down for a perfect gift. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, wedding favors or baby shower - our thoughtful self-care rituals are a perfect gift for almost any occasion! 

Great gifts for people with an active lifestyle

With the active lifestyle, comes in a few aches and pains. And our feet are constantly in use so need a lot of care. In case you are looking for a gift for someone who is into sports or workout, we recommend this special kit.

Happy Feet Pedicure Kit 

Happy feet pedicure kit

This contains a foot butter, foot soak salt - both soothing, contains muscle relaxing essential oils and magnesium oil. And 2 pedicure bombs - that help clean the feet after all the sweating after a workout. They can of course be used just by anyone! But we are sure an active person will love this gift! We add postcards with your messages in all our boxes, in fact we love postcards so much - we keep adding them to your orders as well :) 

Gifts for people who like art

So you must have gifted conventional artsy stuff, but have you tried gifting artisanal soaps?

We recommend our Doze of Sunshine Soap 

or the Full Moon Soap 

Full Moon Calming Artisanal Soap with Activated Charcoal

Gift for people who like to try new stuff

We know skincare and personal care items don't have to be boring. There are some curious souls who are always on a look out for some new stuff. They are a bit hard to impress, but don't worry! We have some interesting things for the curios kids too.

Bloom Box - Set of 3 pedicure bombs

Pedicure Bombs - Set of 3

Once they try these at home pedicure fizzies, the aromatherapy, the colors and the cleansing bubbles will make them a fan.

Magic Mist - Set of 3 Shower Steamers

Magic Mist - Shower Steamers Set

Another interesting product in our catalogue are the shower steamers. Aromatherapy in your shower with these beautiful flower shaped cakes - good enough that you'd like a bite! but please don't eat :) 

Just place them on the floor while taking a shower, and let some water trickle on them - the water will activate the steamer and the essential oils will release - filling your shower with amazing fragrances! 
We truly hope this helps, buying gift is no small feat - especially a thoughtful one!
In case you want it make it grand, and give this special someone the best gift. We have a gift box that has it all - 2 handmade cold process soaps, our natural body scrub, foot soak salt, foot butter and two pedicute bombs.

Cloud 9 Gift box

We are sure this person who receives it will be on cloud 9! And hence we named this one Cloud 9 - Curated gift Box. You can find it with this link 


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