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All about bath bombs!

Let's find out more about bath bombs! What are the ingredients that goes in the making, what makes our bath bombs safe and special and how to use bath bombs!...

We love bath bombs, the fuzzy, foamy, soapy colorful balls that look tempting, almost like a dessert. They are fragrant and can vary in terms of what ingredients are used to make them. Kids absolutely love them, as they add playfulness to shower time. But as adults, a playful shower is not very common but we think it is important to find your inner child and let the colors and aromas create a zen like peace for your otherwise hectic lifestyle. 

What are bath bombs? 

Bath bombs as the name suggests, are bathing products, first invented by the company Lush Cosmetics in the year 1989. It is a mixture of wet and dry ingredients, which when poured in water create effervescence and fizz. Its a combination of fizz forming compounds, along with fragrance, oils and clays. 

They vary in color, shape and size. When used in a bath tub, they make the water colorful, fragrant and soapy for you to soak in. You can check out our complete range here -

What are bath bombs made of? 

All bath bombs need to create a fizz, that we see so often in our fizzy drinks. Similar reaction happens when baking soda and citric acid come in contact with water. These might sound to you like chemicals - but these are safe chemical compounds found in a lot of our food items as well like cakes and confectionary. 

These two ingredients are always there in some form or the other. In addition, there will be colors, fragrances, oils and clays and some form of detergent to help you clean your skin. 

Now additional ingredients can help make your bath bombs luxurious and creative. In addition to the fizz and foam, the variety of fragrances, clays, oils, surfactants can vary so much and it is important you know what all goes in the bath bomb you use. 

We at Coral and Sky use rice bran oil and coconut oil to make the bath bomb moisturising. In addition there is always either kaolin clay or french pink clay or sea green clay - that make the bath bombs detoxifying.  We use essential oils and natural pthalate free fragrances to make the experience more pure and luxurious, with thoughtfully curated essential oil blends that leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Now for detergents, the cheapest and most frequently used material is SLS. It is a harsh chemical that has creeped in our life in all forms - from toothpaste, to handwash to shower gels - a lot of them use SLS. We will not deep dive into why SLS is not really good for skin. You can read more about this chemical compund here -

We do not use SLS in our bath bombs or any other product for that matter. Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSa) is a solid anionic surfactant of vegetable origin. Puts foam in bath formulations. Works well in soft and hard water. It meets ECOCERT standards. This product is derived from coconut and palm oil, so it's 100 percent natural. It is not the same thing as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)—it is a much gentler surfactant. And that is what we use in our bath bombs.

So yes - a spa like treat with highest quality ingredients and fragrances is what makes every Coral and sky bath bomb a treat! Also safe for kids and all skin types!

How to use bath bombs?

Simply remove the shrink wrap and toss it in the bath tub and enjoy the foamy cleaning with clays and essential oils. You will surely be transported into another world! For an extra special treat, and if you are tired we recommend adding our bath salt too! 

You will need a bath tub to use the bath bombs. We know it is not a common idea in Indian bathrooms, so we also have some shower treats. Do check out our Shower Bombs and Shower Steamers









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